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How to Swap/Bridge on BEP20, ERC20, HRC20 and Velas Native with Velas Wallet



  • Ferrokot


    swapped from VLX BEP-20 to Velas EVM 15150 VLX and they gone 
    I don't know what to do 

  • Joel

    Same here, swapped 3,436 from VLX BEP-20 to Velas EVM and it has dissapeared, my BNB fee was consumed though. I don´t understand what it´s happening and I don´t like it at all.

  • oualid

    More than an hour and still nothing when you say it'll take 10 minutes.

    Please fix the problem and speed up transactions, my VLX are stucked on the bridge...

    EDIT: received after more than 9 hours! I'm not gonna try this again until you make some improvments.

    And I think it'll be better to put our complains in their Twitter, with a bad promotion they will certainly react contrary to here.

  • Mthandeni Nkosi Ngaleka

    VLX BEP-20 to Velas EVM it's been 2 hours now nothing is reflecting what am I supposed to do????

  • Ed Castle

    Hi, I'm trying to convert the Velas BEP20 to Velas EVM on Velas chain. But it says it needs a minimum of 1000VLX ie over $500 at the time of this writing? That's insane! Why was I able to do this yesterday with over 200VLX but now this minimum has been set in place? You guys better shape up otherwise this VLX seems like a scam now.

  • Nico P

    I have been waiting for 6 hours for a bep20 swap...

  • Agustin Pellerey

    Hello, I bought some VLXPAD token into pancakeswap, then I trnasfered it to Velas wallet, but the tokens don't show up.
    I don't know what I did wrong.

    Please help. I'm scared I lost my tokens.

  • Chris U

    I am having the same issues... just lost a lot of coins.

    When can all the people here expect support from you guys? 

  • Luiz Alves

    i swapped 2077 VLX BEP-20 to Velas EVM, all my value was gone from VLX BEP-20 but not swapped to VLX EVM. It's about 8 hours, What I need to do to get my VLX back? Or completely this transaction?

    THASH. BSC Scan :0x21f015bddd7e014628bcffc2a96805329fdefbd0810252c2a7111644c93832f9

  • Tungvp

    All scams here

  • Vincent Smits

    Same problem here ... already raised an issue about it, but no response ... waiting for 12 hours now... This is just ridiculous

  • Princefox

    Hello good Morning!
    I exchanged BEP-20 BEP20 velas for EVM velas, but so far I haven't received the coins.


  • Luiz Alves

    I receive my VLX evm after 12hours.

  • Willwong49

    My bridged VLX EVM has finally appeared after close to 24 hours

  • cfwarren3

    Hey guys, there is a much easier way to get VLX onto your Velas Wallet than buying on BSC and braving the bridge.  You can buy Velas Native Token directly on CoinEx using Bitcoin or USDT, then send it to your Velas Native wallet, then swap to Velas EVM.  All those transactions happen very quickly and you can avoid the BEB20 bridge.   Thats what I did.

  • Charlie

    I sent Velas EVM from Metamask wallet to my Velas EVM wallet address, but none of the Velas EVM has shown up in the wallet. Has anyone tried this or had any success doing this?

  • Offshore1

    Hi Roman,

    I have similar problem and I have sent you 3 tickets separated by 2-3 days but still there is no answer.

    I have swapped on Metamask ETH for WAG and I am stick I could not swap it for anything else.

    Problem is WAG on Ethereum, not on Velas.

    Tried, Velas Wallet, swapz, uniswap ...

    Do you have any paid service to assist me in my case

    as obviously support does not work'

    Thank you


  • Ikenna Oluigbo

    I guess i am the next victim. 

    I swapped BUSD from Velas EVM to BEP20, its over 1 hour now and yet to receive the BUSD in my BEP20 wallet. 

    Can anything be done about this?

  • Gary Borthwick

    $1000 minimum transaction to swap EVM BUSD to BEP20 BUSD lol. Is that supposed to be some kind of hilarious new joke I don't get?
    Also, when I swapped $620 BUSD to VLX on WagyuSwap the value showing up on Velas Wallet is $520. What in the hell? 1714 VLX at the current price ($0.36) does not equal $520!

  • Shanko

    Hello I am trying to swap my ERC-20 VLX to VELAS EVM (VLX) in the Velas Wallet. The transaction is stuck and I have been waiting for 8 HRs now. Is there a fix to this?

  • Mahmut

    Hi guys, I have swapped BUSD from BEP20 to Velas in Velas Wallet, and I am waiting for more than 40 min see transfer in Velas wallet... Any information for that? How long it will take to have it on Velas....

  • Carles


    The same here. I swapped one time and I got the transaction (from BSC to VLS) immediately. 
    The second time, after 10 hours I still have not received anything... disappointed. 

  • taka

    Me too. I exchanged BUSD from BEP20 to Velas on Velas Wallet, and I've been waiting to see the Velas Wallet transfer for over 10 hours ... how long does it take to have it on Velas ... ..

  • taka

    It's been 24 hours since I bridged, but nothing is reflected.

  • Hamasaki

    I have swapped BUSD from BEP20 to Velas in Velas Wallet. The swap was completed after 17 hours.

  • Tungvp

    Hi guys,

    I lost and knew way how to get coins back to Metamask wallet with all VLXPAD or VLX after waiting long time. 

    50 USDT for showing you how to get your coin back. Telegram me @drtungphan

  • Roc Ferrer

    Hi guys, 

    Same problem here. I've made a swap from 1777 VLX EVM to BEP 20 and & don't see my tokens on the wallet. It's been almost 10 hours sins the swapping. 

    I contacted whit support & they told me that sometimes this happens, that my tokens are safe. Let's see what happens but until now the experience is awful. 



  • Robert Hintermeier

    @Roc Ferrer and all others who might read this and get in panic mode.

    I have used the velas wallet to bridge as well VLX BEP20 as BUSD BEP20 tokens. Every time I needed to wait. Sometimes one hours but also up to 12 hours...I got nervous myself and thought I made something wrong but every cent was always converted and the BNB fees are very tiny...nothing compared to the fees charges you.

    So while this wallet definetely can be optimized it works 100% and I will continue using it.

    Only thing I don't get is why the support team doesn't answer to all those who are writing here. They could answer to one of the messages and pin it so everybody who has the same issue will read it first.

  • Albert

    I have a problem with swap my VLX ERC20 to Velas EVM.

    I have been waiting for more than 17 hours and refreshing the screen and it does not appear the change to Velas EVM ... Velas bep-20 has retired everything.

    17h passed still waiting, and I see my vlx sent to this wallet 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 :( 




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