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How To Configure MetaMask for Velas Network RPC



  • Anthony Lopez

    I just want to be the first to say that I have been using Velas & the VLX wallet for over a year now. I had actually previously been staking my coins on the last version of the Velas desktop wallet, & It wasn't the hardest thing in the world then but it wasn't extremely easy either. Things have most definitely gotten a lot easier, cleaner, faster & just all around more pleasant to operate. Especially with the new Q&A section that is now available. I learned a lot !! I appreciate everything VLX stands for & has been able to almost seamlessly accomplish. I love the SOLANA ecosystem & I plan to be a part of TEAM VELAS & your network !! I will happily remain a part of this journey !! It's been an amazing ride so far and I look forward to the future of what else Vales will bring to THE ENTIRE ecosystem !!

  • Irshad Ahmed

    I just added Velas Network to my metaMask. Happy to be part of Velas ecosystem. We are counting on you Velas...

  • Roman S

    Hello, thanks for your support! Stay tuned!

  • Esfand Trading

    Hi. I sent BUSD from velas network to metamask through velas wallet but it didn't reach to my metamask wallet. Would you please help?

    TX: 0x5ed8b4a05af1add8070de432ea61372bf32a7062269883334c538ea52905706a



  • Wyatt Luchtenburg

    I had the same issue but with USDC. I sent USDC from coinbase to the metamask velas adress 0x1c27969696F83F02BF2c560451cf37A536571e53. 

    Unable to see funds in the metamask wallet...


  • Georgemargaritis67

    how can i take my velas back to make them BSN again? 

    they are stuck in my wallet

  • Aifricobyrne

    I have configured my metamask to velas network successfully, except none of my coins show up when on velas network! They are visible when I switch to smartchain network but not there on Velas chain! Please help me - thanks!


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